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HAPPY SPRING 2019 to you all!!

We THINK it's here ... although we are still struggling to get into the 70's - and with three or four consecutive days of Bright Illinois Sunshine, we'll no longer have to slog through mudding growing fields - we'll be Ready to Go, once again!!

On Saturday, June 8th, we'll be opening The Farm to Garden Guests for Season 2019, our 14th retail season - and we are SO looking forward to visiting with everyone, once again. Please remember - if your Life Schedule will not allow for you to Come Down on Week-Ends, you can ALWAYS call me directly - 217-621-8474 - to set up a specific visit time during the Week. And, since our work is OUTSIDE, these days, we May Not See a TEXT or E-MAIL nearly as quickly as grabbing up a direct call. And we DO want to accommodate your personal scheduling plan as closely as possible: so, please call me.

And THIS year ... each Week-end, we'll be having a Featured Plant, along with some sort of On-Sale surprise - so you can have an opportunity for some kind of fun each Week-End: regular hours will be 10 am to 4 pm, both Saturdays and Sundays, through to the beginning of September - and, depending on our Late Bloomers and all of our Rebloomers carry us into early Fall ... maybe we'll be Out There, even a few weeks Longer! What fun!!

AND THANKS to all of you who enjoyed some of the 35%-OFF discounted sales values in our Early Sale. The guest response, nation-wide, is always delightfully surprising to us. It's EXCELLENT to work with folks who have a true appreciation of gardening - and a sincerely love of daylily beauty!

To those of you who are still waiting for your Sale Orders to be Shipped: please know that we ARE in the process of diggin' and shippin' orders as quickly as we possibly can, now. The weeks of excessive rain have stalled our Dig Schedule by nearly two full weeks: our INTENTION is to have All Shipped Order out of OurHands and into YourHands by the last day of May - hopefully. Please know that we Will contact you, prior to shipping your lovelies, so that you will know that they are on their way to you.

OKAY - again: Questions of any sort: call me directly: 217-621-8474; or TEXT me - or E-Mail me: = whatever best fits your response needs. It is ALWAYS Great to hear from our Guests, no matter how, no matter why, no matter when!!

Happy Gardening to you, always! Stay as Healthy and as Positive as ya can!!

Rod and Jim

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