(The handsome guy above is "SMOOTH JAZZ," a daylily with Plenty of WOW!! Factor: 30" tall with 5.5" blossoms with several purples and white edging and decorative ruffling. He's $19 - but during our 60%-off sale, you can have him in YOUR garden for only $7.60 ... yuhhh... and I only have a few left!!)

HERE WE ARE ... ALREADY eleven days into 2015! WOW!!

Let's all resolve, right NOW ... to make this year the Most Positive and Productive one, ever! YES!!!

And ... to do OUR PART to help ALL of our Daylily Folks launch 2015 in the BEST way possible ... Jimmy and I are offering you an EXTRA-SPECIAL GARDENING BARGAIN, once again this year ...

Starting tomorrow, Monday, January 12th, Garden Guests visiting us at our 5-Acre Farm Daylilies WebSite (www.5acrefarmdaylilies.com) may choose to purchase ANY of the 600+ varieties that we have available for sale ...

...... AT 60% OFF!! ------ and with no "fine print."

RIGHT!! ... if It's Available, it's Yours for the asking - and all at 60% OFF!

Quite Simply: you pay only the deeply reduced plant prices now, plus your shipping cost that will be necessary to get your Lovelies to Your Garden, and we'll mail off your order in Spring '15 WHENEVER it's most appropriate and convenient for you to receive them -- or, if you want to visit us on a lovely Spring Saturday or Sunday, here, at 5-Acre Farm Daylilies ... you can avoid shipping costs and pick up your New Beauties in person. It's up to you ...

.... and it's just that easy ... and that much fun!

And ...THIS IS ALSO ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT FOR YOU: you can enjoy these 60% saving by assembling A GIFT CARD for a Significant Other Daylily Lover in your life. Just call me directly (217.621.8474) and we'll create a Great Surprise that your recipient may redeem Whenever they choose tof ...

OR ... YOU could buy a 60% OFF Gift Card for YOURSELF -- to use when you have more time later to think about what new daylilies you'd MOST like to have next - it's like a having a Daylily Savings Account: you could get $100 worth of daylilies for only $40, just waiting for you to decide on how to spend it later: what FUN!

I'll be posting our several 2015 intros (including Jim's new beauties, plus two more GREAT Valentes, and several new Whiteside LateBloomers) within the next few weeks. None of them, however, will be available for purchase until we open for the Season 2015.

And ... our current PLAN is to open the Farm for Season 2015 on Saturday, June 20th ... but ... that's weather-dependent, per usual ... and we WILL keep you posted, over the next few months, should that need to be changed.

BUT ... remember that you can SHOP with us in the Comfort of your home, 24/7/365 at our 5-Acre Farm Daylilies WebSite = www.5acrefarmdaylilies.com BUT ...

... IF you don't enjoy placing orders on-line ... NO Problem = just browse our WebSite to make your Wish List first, and then CALL ME Directly (217.621.8474)- and I'll be delighted to chat with you, and to place your order immediately for you!

So ... we'll hope to be able to share some Great Deals with you ... and The Sooner The Better ... since we DO have many varieties that always SELL OUT rather quickly, each year. So ... do order as EARLY as you can to be certain that you can get more of everything that you'd like to have for 2015.

... and, once again, 5-Acre Farm Daylilies can SPEAK and TEACH for you! That is:

If you belong to a "Green Group" of some sort, whose members would enjoy having an Educational Daylily Program presented at one of your group meetings, we'd love to help you out: just call me at 621-8474! We fine that these sort of Get-Togethers are always so very enjoyable for EVERYone involved: it's true that most gardeners DO just LOVE to learn more, always, and to talk about gardening with others!

HAPPY, Happy Gardening to all of you, Our Garden Guests, from past seasons and those yet to come in our exciting future, as well. Stay SAFE and Warm And Happy until we can all get together again, and get back Out There to start throwin' dirt around!!

Rod and Jimmy


Rod Kroemer and Jim Wuersch
5-Acre Farm Daylilies
1578 County Road 300N
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