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This Lovely lady presents herself as a gently rounded form with a light pink, blended self, sporting generous ruffling with a light yellow edge, plus a light yellow watermark, and all of this above a light, lemon-to-green throat: a True Show Gal in any garden setting; hybridized by Moldovan in 1996; TET; she's 28" tall, has a 6 1/2" blossom diameter, and blooms in mid-season; she has semi-evergreen foliage; will re-bloom in Fall. Parentage: SECRET SPLENDOR X A STEP ABOVE.

==== TO ALL of our New and Returning Garden Guests of 5-Acre Farm Daylilies:

Jim and I sincerely hope you had a GREAT Christmas Celebration - and that you're looking forward to a Kinder, Less Challenging 2018, as much as we are.

AND -- to do OUR PART to help us all start off '18 as positively and happily as possible -- here are a couple of 2018 New Years gifts for YOU from US:

Our FIRST Gift: here, at our Web Store, at 9am, on Saturday, January 6th, we'll open our "Starting The New Year Properly" sale - where EVERYTHING on The Farm that is Available for Retail will be discounted in price a Full 35% Off!!

There are only two stipulations: first, each purchase made must total up to, at least, $25. And second, since this is already a Great Sale, no previously purchased/gifted discounted Gift Cards may be used towards a Sale Purchase. But DO REMEMBER to use your Gift Cards later in Season 2018: then, YOU'LL be getting real bargains while all others are paying Full Retail: HAAA!

Our SECOND Gift to you: SPEAKING of Gift Cards: As a PART of this sale, our 5-Acre Farm Daylily Gift Cards will ALSO be available at 35% OFF!! What a GREAT gift for Yourself -- or for your Gardening Friends, as a 2018 New Years Surprise!

Here's an EXAMPLE: you pay only $65 to get $100 WORTH of Gift Card buying power - or pay $32.50 to get $50 worth - or specify WHATEVER greater amount you choose to gift - and it will ALL be available to you at 35% off the Retail Value!

AND -- you may SHOP for either a list of Daylily Lovelies, or for a few Beautiful Gift Cards in THREE different ways:

-1- You may make a purchase right here, on this Web Store;and as you enter the names of whatever Lovelies you'd like to your gardens, the system will automatically tell you which of your choices ARE - or are NOT - currently available;

-2- OR - you may E-Mail me your Wish List: write to me at - I'll review and price your items, and, then, I'll get back to you with all the details.

-3- OR- you may CALL ME Directly at 217-621-8474 - and we can talk about what you'd like to purchase, and you'll be able to place your order with me, immediately.

NOW ... There are only 84 short days left become we get to March 21st = SPRING 2018. And, during those twelve weeks of cold days ... Jim and I have given you all a FUN way to shop and plan and enjoy DAYLILIES - which is especially Rewarding when there are SnowFlakes tapping at your Window!!

Please stay Happy and Healthy - and Jim and I wish you the BEST of years for 2018! And we'd like to be a happy part of it with you, as well!

Rod and Jim -------------------------------------------------------------------------

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