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We are into Mid-August, now -- and we ARE OHHH-ficially welcoming in our LATE Blooming and ReBlooming Daylilies!!!

This time of year has NEVER looked so bright and cheery!

The PIC here shows you ALL the Lovelies that are in Bloom at 5-Acre Farm Daylilies today, Saturday, August 18: there are a total of 49 gorgeous faces still glowing - and, in the two Circles, are the 13 Charleston Series LATES which will bloom well into mid-September - and those guys are surrounded by a several other LATE bloomers, plus Lots of ReBlooming Beauties who are still pushing out color = what FUN!!!

-- AND, now that we are back at The Farm after our Daylily Conference in Southern Maine, we've decided to offer you SOMETHING NEW!!

Starting today/this weekend - Sat/Sun, the 18th and 19th - we have a new Type of OFFER for you all, call PREMIUM PLANTS!! Here's how it goes --

For SOME of our 800 varieties here, you'll be able to buy a fan cluster with TWICE as many fans as usual = let's call them PREMIUM Plants !! -- of the Beauty that you wish to buy - by paying only 50% more than the regular price for a Regular fan cluster = YESSSS!

FOR EXAMPLE: if you wish to buy Red Volunteer (one of our most EXCELLENT and LONG BLOOMING red Lovelies!!) regularly, you'd pay us $14, and, regularly, you'd get a three-fan clump of that plant, for that price.

- BUT -

-- if you would like to get a PREMIUM PLANT of, say, Red Volunteer = which would give you 6 full fans, instead of just 3 fans = OR DOUBLE of what you'd regularly get -- you can do that by paying us only 50% more = $14 + $7 = $21. Now THAT's a Great Bargain - and LOTS of fun, too!! And that Premium Plant clump of yours -- IT will IMMEDIATELY look like it's BEEN in your garden for at least a full YEAR, already!! That makes ME Smile!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------

We'll be open for Regular Hours through mid-September = from 10am to 4pm on all Saturdays and Sundays -

- BUT -

--IF you can ONLY get down to The Farm DURING the week, PLEASE CALL ahead, before driving down to The Farm, just to make Certain that we ARE HERE to help you out.

-- AND please know that I'll be dirty and hot and stinky - because weekdays are our regular Production Work/Field Work days. BUT - you are Surely Welcome to come down and look at all The LATES and The ReBlooming Lovelies!! Just be SURE to stay Upwind from me ... HAAAA!

My direct cell number is 217-621-8474 - PLEASE CALL ME, because, when I'm in the field working, I may NOT hear A TEXT coming into my phone - but I WILL hear it RIIIIINNNNNNG; Thx!

So, please DON'T DELAY; Come down ASAP, while you can still enjoy as many of the Late COLORS and STYLES as possible = Yupp = the Sooner The Better.

It'll be GREAT to see you all, once again, before Season ends.

We can barely believe that Season 2018 (our 13th retail year!!) is going by SO quickly - and, for ONCE, with ENOUGH rain to give us exceptional Lovelies; we are so very grateful to you, and so very blessed by The Powers That Be!!! Ohhh, yeahhh!!!

SO ... stay Healthy and Happy, and take great care of One Another!

- and Happy Gardening to you, Always!!

Rod and Jim ---------------------------------------------------------------

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