THANKS for your patience, one and all!!

IT'S HERE FOR YOU ALL = Our 2017 5-Acre Farm Daylilies VeryVeryEarly, Big Deal Sale, began at 9am today, Saturday, January 14th - and it will continue for several weeks to come!!

Here's the Deal = it's VERY Simple; you can enjoy a discount of a FULL 50% OFF of the regular pricing on Any Available Beauty that we have here on The Farm ... with more than 400 Lovelies to review, enjoy and select for your very own garden!

And That's IT!! There are NO exceptions; there are NO hoops to jump through; there's NO Fine Print to decipher: NOPE!

It's up to you to Personally Mix and Match your choices from Lovelies which include every daylily color available (ie., no True Blue), and plants whose HEIGHT range from 12" to 6' - plants that throw gorgeous blooms for several weeks, some blossoming as early as Late May -- and some waiting until as late as September to shine -- and everything in between.

PLEASE NOTE; On this HOME PAGE, there's a STACK of Navigation Bars on THE LEFT SIDE: there you'll find FIVE major groupings of Daylilies for you to review and enjoy: FIRST is a full collection of all of Ron Valente's gorgeous Hybrids; NEXT is a grouping of 200-300 hundred of our Favorite Cultivars; NEXT is all of Jimmy's Hybrids; NEXT is all of Dr. Wes Whiteside Hybrids; and LAST is a NEW GROUPING of 50+ OTHER Favorites that we've not posted on the WebSite -- UNTIL NOW. So ... do ENJOY these Beauties, too!!

AND REMEMBER, please -- you can STILL search for Plants by WHATEVER TERM YOU wish to By. TO START: just click on the START CUSTOM SEARCH!!! navigation bar. For example, to search By Color = just enter that color, like RED or WHITE or PEACH - or search by Height = just enter the height you want to see, like 26 or 18 or 40 - or maybe search by BloomTime = just enter the time of Season during which you want the flowers to bloom, like EARLY or MID or LATE. No magic words necessary, at all.

So ... JUMP IN and take a stroll through about 400+ lovelies that are each and all available to you for the asking -- WHILE THEY LAST = there are MANY cultivars that are available ONLY in somewhat limited quantities = so PLEASE do not hesitate to reserve ANY BEAUTIES who Speak To YOU!!

Just create your MostSpecialOrder on the Purchase Page -- OR make up your list and e-send it to me -- OR, if you'd rather, just CALL ME (217-621-8474) with your list, GREAT - and we'll Talk Through your order on the phone; either way, I'll verify all the availability, and provide you with your SALE TOTAL due; then, you can send me off a check -- and you can receive your Lovelies in the Spring - either by visiting The Farm -- OR by getting them via USPS mail, shipped directly to you, to their new Garden Home.

AND - please recall: Jimmy and I are available to present Educational Daylily Programs for your Green Group meetings: we'd love to help you out! Just call me at 217-621-8474! These sort of Get-Togethers are so very enjoyable for EVERYone involved ... learning new things, and sharing personal gardening experiences and tips. Thank Heavens that we are TRULY addicted to it all = What FUN!!

SO ... we'll hope to hear from all of you - and see you soon!

Rod and Jimmy

Rod Kroemer and Jim Wuersch
5-Acre Farm Daylilies
1578 County Road 300N
TOLONO IL 61880-9719