Light-pink lavender selfwith cream egde above a green throat; Tet; Lambertson 2003; 34" tall, 6 3/4" blossom diameter, early to mid-season, semi-evergreen, rebloomer; (Mildred Mitchel x Mal).


#3 LOTS of Succulents: NEW at 5-AFDs.#3 LOTS of Succulents: NEW at 5-AFDs.One of the GREATEST Virtues of Daylilies is how EASY they are to grow ... along with their Huge Variety and Beauty

Well ... the VerySameThings can ALSO be said about Succulents! There are Hundreds and Hundreds of different plant types, coming from 14 major family groupings, all that are Very Very different from one another: Echiveria, Sempervivum, Kalanchoe, Senecio, Hawarthia, Agave, Aloe, just to name a few! But the ONE commonality, is = they are all SOOoooo EASY to grow.

Succulents look great by themselves, as a single plant in a single pot -- or they do fabulously well in groupings; you can combining and contrasting several differing types to create spectacular garden displays, or even as Garden Bowls, for year round beauty and enjoyment inside your home.

And the best kept secret about succulents: These guys literally THRIVE on neglect!! Easy, easy to maintain.

So, enjoy: Succulents for your pleasure, here at 5-Acre Farms. it's one more option for you to garden in a very unique, interesting and long-lasting way ... and with minimal effort and cost ... from Jim and I, to you!

#3 LOTS of Succulents: NEW at 5-AFDs. succulents3