2021 Our New INTRODUCTIONS from 5-Acre Farm Daylilies!! Since this is our 1st Year to sell these ... sorry ... none of them are included in our 2021 Early Spring Big Ole Sale. Most ARE available at retail pricing but in Limited Quantities!! ENJOY!!

2021 Our New INTRODUCTIONS from 5-Acre Farm Daylilies
PLEASE NOTE!! NO DOUBT you'll notice - right away - that Jim and I have priced our Sparkling New Cultivars at a pricing level that is significantly LESS than the amount that most other hybridizers commonly charge for their NewNew Stars, each year. And we do that, NOT because we do not value our work, or because we doubt the appropriate worth of the New Lovelies in any way == we do it SO THAT others who are IN LOVE with daylilies - BEYOND our dear hybridizers friends - may have an opportunity to share in the enjoyment of our Happy Outcomes. In other words, we're trying to make Our Work affordable for Everyone who might want it - either to cross with, or to simply enjoy in their own, lovely, home garden. ENJOY!!