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Yes, 2021 is FINALLY here - and we have LOTZZ of reasons to be increasingly restful and safe and hopeful, which are developing steadily, already = THANKS to The Powers That BE!!

(Wizard's Wish: $21, on SALE for $14.70!! limited quantities!)

AAANNNDDDD ... it's TIME, once again, for our 5-Acre Farm Earliest Big Ole Sale of the Year = offering to you about 250 Beauties at a FULL 30% off!!

HERE are the SALE details:

In Season 2021, we're offering about 650 varieties of Daylily Lovelies to you: through This Sale, you'll have the chance to add any of 250 varieties to Your Gardens for 30% OFF regular retail pricing. The remaining 400 are ALSO available To You at regular retail pricing. (ALSO: a couple dozen of those ON Sale are New Cultivars we've added to our inventory for 2021!)

To SEE and REVIEW ALL of These Lovelies, just click into ANY/ EACH/ ALL of the groupings, one at a time, which you can see listed in the Side Bar on the left side of THIS Page - and enjoy a stroll through all our plants: Those Lovelies that are on 30% OFF Sale will display a Regular Retail A N D a Sale Price. - and when you find a Pretty FACE you Must Have, just Click the PIC and a fully detailed page will pop up for you to review and enjoy - and then you can ORDER that Beauty immediately!.

THEN - to get you Back to find others to review, just click on Your BACK Button once or twice!

AND - PLEASE SHOP AQAC = As Quickly As Convenient!


You see: SINCE you all turned out, so graciously and supportively, in Impressive Numbers, during the 2020 Season -- we have Limited Availabilities on a Significant number of our 650+ varieties - and, FOR THAT REASON, we're urging you to Shop Quickly.. SO THAT you have the Best Chance Possible to get ANY/ALL of the Daylily Lovelies that you may SPEAK to Your Gardening Heart ... BEFORE they sell out for Season 2021 ... and you have to wait for Another Year... ughhh!!

I'll begin digging local orders for pick-up, or for shipping out, in early-to-mid May. I will call or text you when your order is ready to go - or at least several days before I mail out your new Beauties.

These days scheduling future activities with any reliability is fairly impossible, BUT- after all the local pick-ups are done in May, we're takin' the Leap NOW to say: We'll be opening 5-Acre Farm Daylilies to Garden Guests on Saturday, June 12th, 10:30 am --- hopefully ...

AND ... if have ANY Questions or ANY Comments about ANY of this, Please Do NOT hesitate to call me, directly, at your convenience: 217-621-8474 ... anytime: my phone is hermetically sealed to me - and it's Always Great to chat with folks about the Gardens and our BIGG SALE !!

And for those previous Garden Guests taken from us by Covid, etc, in the last year, we wish everlasting peace - and we, once again, send condolences to all their loved ones, left behind.

PLEASE: make all the moves you know you should be making, to keep yourself and others in Your World, as SAFE and Happy as possible: and we'll do the very same.

Here's to a FABULOUS 2021 at The Farm, in The Gardens!!

Rod and Jim

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