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UNBELIEVEABLE!!! It's already time to begin Wishing Everyone a Very Merry Christmas - and Happy Holidays, One and All of Them!!

Jim and I want to extend a GIANT Thank You!!! of appreciation to everyone of you who chose to be a Garden Guest, in person or on line, at 5-Acre Farm Daylilies during Season 2019; please know that you all played a Most Valued Part in creating a comfortable 14th season of operation.

AND -- if you're in the Holiday Mood to give YOURSELF a great gift - or to give Most Wonderful gifts to all of your Gardening Friends ... once again, we're offering 5-Acre Farm Daylilies Gift Certificates - to be purchased now and used during our 2020 Season (or beyond) as buying value to purchase a few Daylily Lovelies.

Certificates are available in any denomination you wish to create - and, a Luxurious Handmade Daylily Gift card, within which to slip your Gift Certificate, is available to you for only $5 more. We'll send the card, envelope and gift certificate off to You, so that You may present your complete gift to Yourself or to A Dear Gardening Friend. There is a picture of all of this for you to review, on this page.

Once again, to you all, our friends, may your Holiday Season be EXACTLY what you need it to be - and maybe just A Bit More, for good measure.

Rod and Jim

PS: Word on the street is ... 5-Acre Farm Daylilies is havin' a Hellava SALE, starting in Early January, 2020 ... now ... I don't KNOW if that's SO ... but, you might want to check out their OnLine Website, after you're done with your New Year's fun ... Iím just sayin' ...

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