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This is How We Do Business with YOU, our Garden Guest, at 5-Acre Farm Daylilies!

(Yes ... that's "Web of Intrigue" by Patrick Stamile 1999)

Welcome to 5-Acre Farm Daylilies! My partner, Jim Wuersch, and I are delighted to have a Web Presence for a glorious Spring 2014 season! We are offering all of Ron Valente's 50 hybrids - plus, more than 550 additional varieties created by 150 other hybridizers: daylilies that we've found to be proven, hearty cultivars - AND beauties, as well, each and every one, in their own right. So, please, Enjoy!!

Rod Kroemer and Jim Wuersch
5-Acre Farm Daylilies
TOLONO IL 61880-9719


PRODUCT: For the prices listed you'll get a DOUBLE FAN of each plant which you may order from 5-Acre Farm Daylilies. Nothing is sold as a single fan unless CLEARLY SPECIFIED.

ASSURANCE: And we unconditionally guarantee that all of our plants will be of a high quality, and that they'll arrive in a "ready to plant and grow" condition. Now ... should you be dissatisfied in ANY way, we insist you call us immediately at 217.621.8474. And please, don't worry; we'll see that you receive whatever you've requested, appropriately. Receiving new daylilies should be a delight, and Surely Not an annoyance, in any way.

And here's a TIP for you: When Jim and I receive shipped daylilies, we always place their roots in water for overnight, at the least, to assure that the clusters are 100% hydrated and ready to grow, no matter how promptly they may arrive. Give it a try! A gardening friend has actually held and grown her new digs in water for several weeks, most successfully.

SHIPPING AND HANDLING FEES: We'll send your order by Priority Mail through the United States Postal Service, carefully packed for you - AND your box will carry a USPS Delivery Confirmation - so that we can know when, exactly, your package will arrive at your garden. Our Minimum Shipping Fee is $11 per order, plus $1.50 each for each additional, two-fan clump ordered - beyond the FIRST four double-fans shipped.

SHIPPING TIME: When we send us an order, please tell us exactly when you'd like to receive your plants. Otherwise, as the entire country moves into Warmer Growing Times, we'll make every effort to prepare your shipment within 72 hours of receiving your order. And, since we use Priority Mail, it will take two to three mailing days, after we've received your payment, for your Beauties to travel from our garden to yours - unless you specify otherwise: if you'd like us to hold your order until a more convenient time for you to recieve it, that's not a problem for us in any way! But, be SURE to TELL us exactly what YOU need on shipping.

PAYMENT: When you've completed the 5-AcreFarm Daylilies OnLine Ordering Process, the last screen gives you your order confirmation displaying your full amount due, including your shipping fees (plus taxes for Illinois residents). Please send off to us a Personal Check or a Money Order. When we receive your check, we'll do our best to prep-n-ship your order within two to four days. And please recall: WE DO NOT ACCEPT credit card payments, because of the additional costs involved in those services. THANKS for your understanding about this: we're simply a SMALL, seasonal nursery, and, as such, those fees are onerous.

QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS: Once Again, if you are not 100% satisfied about ANYthing related to your experience with 5-Acre Farm Daylilies, WE INSIST you call us, at once: 217.621.8474 = Rod's cell; and Call Anytime. OR - if that's inconvenient for you, just e-mail us at ... BUT ... please know that a phone call will get our attention, immediately, so that we can help you, pronto. THANKS!

And THANKS for visiting, today; please come back again, soon!

Rod and Jim